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HVAC Maintenance Suwanee

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    Hixon Heating and Air Conditioning have been proudly serving the HVAC maintenance needs of Suwanee, GA and all of Gwinnett, Hall, Barrow & Walton Counties for years and we pride ourselves on our ability to find our HVAC customers ways to save money on their systems long term through our maintenance programs.  As in sports, the best offense is a great defense.  It has been proven time and time again that the best way to prevent emergencies with your HVAC system, as well as costly repair and service or even replacement, is to have a maintenance program with a qualified provider like Hixon.  When you have a maintenance program with us we conduct check ups multiple times a year and through these inspections we can get out in front of issues that if left alone will undoubtabley lead to costly and frustrating system break downs.

    A Hixon Heating and cooling Planned Maintenance Program helps avoid breakdowns plus it protects and prolongs the life of your equipment. As an Hixon service agreement customer you always receive priority service!  Our maintenance programs have been saving our customers money and time for many years.  Some of the main features and benefits to are maintenance programs are listed below:

  • Chemically clean and thoroughly wash condenser coils
  • Thoroughly clean and/or replace pleated air filter
  • Wash and level condensing unit for proper motor and bearing wear
  • Lubricate motor and fan bearings as well as other moving parts as necessary
  • Clean and inspect evaporator coil and drain pain when readily accessible (additional labor charges may apply for difficult cleaning of evaporator coil)
  • Clean and inspect condensation drain lines and fittings
  • Clean, level and calibrate thermostat
  • Adjust and thoroughly clean blower motor and fan assembly as needed
  • Inspect, tighten and test all electrical connections, including disconnect switch
  • Inspect all cooling system electrical wires, connectors and terminals
  • Test all controls, switches, relays, transformers, contractors, motors and fans
  • Measure starting and running amperes, line voltage, and control voltage
  • Test system starting capabilities
  • Test system for proper air flow and air delivery
  • Inspect and adjust all safety controls
  • Monitor refrigerant (Freon) pressures and temperatures
  • Add up to 1 pound of Freon at no charge
  • Test and record superheat and sub cooling. Compare with factory settings.
  • Adjust freon metering control device per factor or manufacturers recommendations
  • Test and measure air conditioning system for proper production and capacity
  • Monitor fan motors and compressor operating temperatures
  • Check for code violations
  • Check for outside obstructions or insect infestation
  • Apply weather resistant protective coating to the outside unit or condenser
  • Complete and present a full written report to customer

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